This Year’s Nobel Peace Prize Desison Reveals Our Evolutionary Burden

Some nerd commented on Obama’s Peace Nobel Prize reward on The Economist’s web site:

“The Nobel prize has a fine tradition of awarding the Nobel prizes for the alpha males in the West and rewarding low life dissidents of the East.”

He couldn’t be more true. This proves that the decision is made under the influence of female sexism because this  is exactly how women feel. They feel inexorably drawn to an alpha male neglecting every other man around in their own society and dissolve with pity for the helpless of the other kind whether animal or human. This behavioural pattern, females inherited from our animal ancestors where indeed it was an advantage in natural selection that females of a tribe had chosen the most successful male for mating and being caring for individuals not yet in the contest—the children. It is not surprising then that all but one member of the Nobel Prize Nomination Committee are female.

That this world is increasingly driven by female sexists, nobody seems to notice. When about a century ago feminists started to disclose male sexism, they succeeded in convincing the public, including me, that male sexism is irrational and leads to dangerous conclusions, but this does not inevitably mean that everything that is not driven by male sexism is essentially rational and genuinely good. It doesn’t even mean that every decision driven by male sexism is genuinely bad.

Though they have never been proven to be more reasonable, female decisions are treated as such. The most successful books and films are staring females in a divine (never-going-to-fail) like role. (DaVinci Code and World Without End to name some examples.)  But it is a matter of fact, that male as well as female sexist’s decisions can be, to some extend, rational or irrational, and to some extend, even the most rational decisions are influenced subconsciously by sexism. Uncritically accept female decisions can be stupid and even dangerous. Not being aware of this fact, does not prove the contrary as can be seen in this Nobel Peace Prize decision.

Update: Link to the The Norwegian Nobel Committee 1901-2017.



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