Population Crisis among the Elite

That the overproduction of elites over the last century is at the core of the present crisis is spectacularly illustrated by the following news.

“Saudi Arabia detains princes, ministers in anti-corruption probe”

In his book Peter Turchin explains cyclic crises by overpopulation, in particular an uncontrolled grows of the elites. They don’t produce wealth but exclusively consume it. In order to satisfy their ever growing demand, two occurrences follow naturally.

  1. The elite increases its oppression the working people have to suffer. That is they increases taxes, rents, or interest rates.
  2. The elites eliminate each other.

The first has only limited success. It is simply impossible to squeeze out more profit without damaging the whole economy and provoking civil unrest. This stage is what we witnessed in Europe and America over the last century or so. Saudi Arabia is tightly connected to these economies.

The second stage is what we currently approach, so we witness a competition growing more fierce among the elites. Of course the elites try to use their power to eliminate each other. Those who wield less power are the first to be eliminated. Those poor chaps arrested in Saudi Arabia for instance.

The crisis ends when enough people belonging to the elite are eliminated, be it physically murdered or “downgraded” into the working class. Then actually a period of social progress ensues.

From fauceir perspective this can be better explained by parasitism, social parasitism. Parasitism always evolves in nature as soon as there are enough resources to feed from. Parasitism is a common subject of biological studies, but mostly neglected in societies. That comes as no surprise as government and propaganda is exclusively controlled by these parasites, and unfortunately this is true for most of scientists in the humanities too.

But as a rule of evolution, in response the growing parasitism defense mechanisms evolve to fend off or at least reduce parasites. What we witness in Saudi Arabia now may be understood as the first half-hearted attempts of such defense mechanisms to become activated. More rigorous steps are necessary of course. Lets hope that the process will get momentum soon and act with minor collateral damage.

Update more examples of that competition among the elites going on:

Azerbaijan Moves to Drastically Cut Number of Lawyers

Sorry for the the Azerbaijannian lawyers, but they were obviously not at the top of the social parasite’s food chain.

Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers also serve an other purpose. Like the Panama Papers before, it will increase the Gini coefficient by reducing the income of the rich and leaving the super-rich unscathed, so all these papers will by increasing the Gini coefficient accelerate the crisis.