Fauceir analysis of Eastern and Western cultural evolution

Actually this is a comment on this blog entry where the author voices some doubt about the evolution of altruism as a prerequisite for the formation of big societies. I appreciate this doubts as they may lead into comprehensive understanding of social evolution based on fauceirs.

  1. You have to consider religions as fauceirs that can evolve in a much faster pace than species for example. Species are fauceirs too, and according classical evolutionary theory different species can evolve during isolation. Thus consider these Eastern and Western Religions as different species that evolved differently.
  2. No doubt the Western religion was more successful as it not only spread and populated Africa and whole America, but also evolved into a culture, so that religious traits are maintained now by atheistic Western people.
  3. Also Western religion was more successful as it helped to evolve not only moral and culture but also economy and science. Throughout the last centuries Western societies trumpet Chinese which were rather characterized by stagnation.
  4. You cannot estimate a society’s level of evolution by its size as you know that mammals, wolves and tigers for instance, were much higher evolved species compared to those huge dinosaurs.
  5. Political and military colonization was termed the process that happened in the 19th century. The Western society clearly won this competition comparable to the struggle for survival of the fittest.
  6. But unlike the survival-of-the-fittest principle which results in wiping out the unfit, something happened that is comparable to the biological term speciation. This process started in the middle of the 20th century. These cultures began to form a common ecosystem with each of them occupying a specific ecological niche.
  7. Now we observe cooperation but also competition. Competition where the niches overlap cooperation where they don’t.
  8. And we also observe something that has only recently been discovered in biological evolution and termed mobile DNA which is from the fauceir (more general) perspective the exchange of sub-fauceirs. Elements of Western culture even Christianity emerge in China while Chinatowns refuse to dissolve but become important part of social life in many Western cities.

Hope you understand and enjoy this. Actually the blog you quoted and dissected is also an example how Western culture soaks into Chinese. Unfortunately some Western politicians try to imitate Chinese politics, too, considering a strong government a successful one. This is unfortunate as it deprives Western culture of its evolutionary potentials.

More about evolutionary potential in some later post or on fauceir.org that we are just about to reconstruct.

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