High Religious Fertility Rate – Discussion of Two Mechanisms

Talking about how religion affects fecundity I’m going to analyze two behavioral fauceirs. Namely, the alpha male preference and the self defense system.

Psychological intrusion defense model

The self defense system against individuals of the same species is an important invention. It evolved in species with inter-individual competition.  It may change during development. While cubs cuddle, they certainly become fierce competitors when adolescent. It may change with seasons. While birds flock during migrations, they expel competitors when nesting instincts develops. Humans descended from primates that lived in social formations with permanent quarrels. As kind of an early warning system primates evolved something like privacy that can be understood as a circle surrounding the body, which when entered by an other individual of the same species causes a reaction either menace or flight. We humans also have such circle. In fact we have several of them. And as psychologists claim, the diameters slightly differ among nationalities, which indicates these invisible circles are learned behavior, kind of imprinted. Anyway they exist in all of us, save the imbecile, and it costs us lot of effort to overcome our own and our partner’s self defense mechanisms when falling in love. As a study recently revealed, religion can considerably help to suppress these self defense mechanisms and to allow intrusions. This of course would also family bonds allow to develop. At this point please allow a general remark. Most problems in human relations such as problems finding a partner, sexual problems and family problems including childlessness are in fact nothing but problems to suppress this innate or imprinted aversion to allow an other human’s intrusion. And humans developed a remedy that is almost as old as human societies are. Alcohol effectively helps to suppress this aversion.

Psychological selection model

Next, we analyze alpha male preference. It is known for long that females of a troop of primates prefer to mate with the troop leader. This also is an innate or imprinted kind of behavior. Religions all over the world use to channel this drive into some compatible social behavior, the families in which the father is playing the role of an alpha male. Accepting this role makes his wife willing to become pregnant again and again. Our modern societies create social structures that contradict these traditional family roles. At wok, women come to know other males playing a similar role that confuses their feelings. Men also meet other females or see their pictures in glossy print that stimulate their urge to become those female’s alpha male too. All these tendencies erode family bonds and lessen the number of children. The Amish community by deliberately ignoring these external social influences are capable to keep their families stable and to propagate.

The two examples chosen here to demonstrate the effect of a social fauceir, religion, on a behavioral fauceirs. The net result of these effects is a better fecundity. I admit, as I already discussed in the dating website study, this is only part of the story. Other fauceir interactions remain to unveil.

Creative Commons License

This work by Paul Netman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Fauceir theory is developed and © by Mato Nagel and available at www.fauceir.org.


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