Religion and Inequality

Encouraged by a discussion sparked by an article, I want to elaborate on the topic of inequality and religion based on fauceir analysis. My thesis that I’m about to prove is “religion allows inequality” or in other words “religion enables people to tolerate inequality”. By enforcing this type of tolerance religions made an all important contribution to evolution of human culture.

Adapting an evolutionary position requires to analyze what came first. No evolutionary biologist would claim that mammals influenced the origination of echinodermata because the latter originated millions of years before. As with mammals and echinodermata, the same holds true with other fauceirs. Therefore we have to study the political and social context of every originating social fauceir. The time-line of social fauceirs that we are going to analyze is the following. Religion and inequality originated almost at the same time. Social responsibility evolved in Christianity when the secular powers took over the responsibility to enforce inequality, notably by the Roman Empire. The social welfare state, on the other hand, is the most recent achievement, and again it materialized when the responsibility for maintaining inequality passed to free market’s economic competition, an other fauceir to maintain inequality.

Among many other things religions define codes to accept other peoples properties. Rules similar to the Ten Commandments in the Bible can be found in every world religion. The division of labor, without which social progress is unthinkable, is only possible if strong rules exist that tame people’s natural jealousy. These rules have been indoctrinated by religious leaders, and everywhere on this world where such religious rules had been successfully enacted population grew, technical inventions appeared, culture and science flowered, and people became successful in martial competitions. In fact those societies that adapted such religious fauceirs conquered and swallowed other societies thereby amplifying and spreading these religions and allowing division of labor to propagate.

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