Epistemology of Evolutionary Theory – The Fauceir Stance

This is actually a comment to a comment. Because it became so extensive, I decided to post it separately.

Still trapped in the classical evolutionary theory, you believe that selection is the only mechanism that controls evolution. It was a great discovery by Wallace, not by Darwin as a matter of fact, that a stochastical process, such as natural selection, is capable to control evolution, but now we know there exist other stochastical processes, too. And it can be even proved that natural selection is not a homogeneous process. This paper provides some idea.

Distinguishing two classes, selective and non-selective (neutral) processes in case of evolutionary theory, is a crucial step, but it is merely the first step towards a more comprehensive theory of evolution. The advancement of the evolutionary theory is an epistomological process, and epistemology, in more general terms, can be understood as an evolutionary process itself to which Fauceir Theory is applicable, so please allow to explain the development of the evolutionary theory in fauceir terms.

Lets start with some analogies that illustrate that the first step in comprehending the worlds complexity is to construct a black-and-white discrimination:

  1. A child learning to comprehend the world by dividing things in bad and good.
  2. Marx starting to analyze social processes by describing two classes exploiter and worker.
  3. The trial and error experiment.
  4. Bit set or not set in computer science.

Well, and if you want a more plausible biological example, take the faculty of seeing. The most primitive visual organs can distinguish between light on and off. More sophisticated organisms can discriminate light intensities, colors (wave lengths), or even, with the help of some memory, motions.

In analogy, the epistemological process that happens to evolutionary theory now is that differentiation between selectively neutral and non-neutral control processes. But appreciating fauceir theory adds the whole spectrum of intensities.

I hope I found some colleagues to discuss this topic seriously and to publish it eventually.

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This work by Paul Netman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Fauceir theory is developed and © by Mato Nagel and available at www.fauceir.org.


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