Irremediable Complexity – The Fauceir Perspective

This article published in Science is a remakable step towards general acceptance of fauceir theory.

What are the points of intersection and were fauceir theory extends the concept.

  1. Yes, ratchets whether on the level of organelles or macromolecular complexes as mentioned by this paper are in fact fauceirs that evolve as such.
  2. Yes, natural selection happens, but only at the level of a particulat fauceir.


  1. No, these changes are not neutral. They are stochastical but still directional. That can be proved.
  2. No, these observations are not limited to evolution of cellular complexity, but also tissues, organs, populations, even societies.

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3 thoughts on “Irremediable Complexity – The Fauceir Perspective

  1. (Hey, why’s this filed away under ‘creationism’ and ID?)

    Some of these changes are effectively *selectively* neutral. Any appearance of directionality is merely a byproduct, but that’s not what neutrality refers to in this case. But mostly the neutrality here refers to non-adaptive evolution, which is largely ignored in the mainstream literature.

    Nor do the authors claim this phenomenon to be limited to cellular complexity; in fact, a couple of them specifically make the analogy to evolution of bureaucracies in human society. In fact, the authors would be happy to hear someone in favour of applying the Constructive Neutral Evolution concept further. Glad it’s at least generating some discussion anyway.

    • I agree, this is neither Creationism nor ID. Why I labeled it as such is because it happened that many ID and Creationist blogs discussed this very article too.

      Some of these changes are effectively *selectively* neutral.

      I’m going to answer this question more comprehensively in a new blog entry.

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