Evolutionary Plasticity – an Other Word Monster

A new BMC Biology comment titled A climate for contemporary evolution tackles the problem what is evolution and is plasticity in evolution.
Well some time ago I explained this problem by providing new (fauceir theory based) definitions of evolution and adaptation in this blog post. In more detail and examples this was explained in an article submitted to this very online journal. That paper was turned down without giving a note, without even answering any requests. This fact illustrates how fiercely the protagonists of the classical evolutionary theory fight every new idea.
And by seeking support for their outdated theory they get more and more entangled into contradictions and anti-parsimonious term minting. As old evolutionary biologists cannot properly discriminate between evolution and adaptation they created plasticity. The term plasticity is offered as a way out, but it is nothing more but a clumsy attempt to deny the obvious fact that as well as adaptation can happen in genetic material evolution may occur in non genetic systems. This is the most parsimonious explanation and plasticity may be reserved for other phenomena.

Anyway, I’m impressed with plasticity and watch out for more such word monsters.


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