Evolution of Abstract Terms

This post is a sequele to  persona’s picture story (I concede he is the more gifted artist.) that illustrates Brian Boyd’s idea about story telling as an Darwinian process. His book “On the Origin of Stories” is remarkable for its intention to extend the laws of evolution to human cognitive processes, which is easily accomplished if employing the fauceir abstraction.

Abstract evolution step 1 the story actaully happensIn step one, the story happens between these two people.

Step 2. The story is communicated between these two people.In step two, these two people communicate by story telling that arouses feelings as if they were actually in the story. It doesn’t matter whether the stories are reminiscences or conjured up.

Step 3. Not the story itself but a symbol is communicated.Finally in the third step, the abstract term (♥) is born that represents similar stories in these people’s brains. Now they cease to communicate whole stories. Instead, they use abtract representations of it.

Abstract terms, fauceirs actually, follows the same evolutionary rules as every fauceir. They can evolve and adapt.  The process of forced and purpuseful adaptation of a term is called propaganda, which is an example of intelligent design performed by humans.


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