Denial is Normal Human Behavior

Denial is part of a fauceir’s self defense system. To maintain a fauceir’s undisturbed function it is necessary to shield off adverse environmental influences. This holds true for all kind of fauceirs, by the way cells (membrane), organisms (immune system), species (sterile offspring from interspecies breeding), nations (army), culture (interculture taboo marriages), language (regulators), and last not least tenets (denial).

Denial is the defense system typical to human intellectual fauceirs, and it is permanently criticized by the atheist and skeptic communities, but please keep in mind such a defense system exists among scholars, too. For instance, ruling evolutionary biologists deny evolutionary progress although it is quite obvious, simply because it is not explicable to them.

You cannot fight denial directly, which would result in even more aggressive defense, you have to evolve (in the fauceir sense of progress, of course) the underlying fauceir, so that finally it can drop denial because no more necessary. The problem is more complicated if there is a whole business of denial already. This, a fauceir again, will strive for persistence, too, and other strategies have to be developed.

Interspecies breeding


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