The Changing Role of Evolutionary Biology

This figure is taken from an acticle written by Avise and published in PNAS (Avise 2010).

Avise's view of the evolution of evolutionary theories and its relation to religion.

This, by contrast, is my view.

Evolution of evolutionary views

Evolutionary views are a matter of change (adaptation and evolution), too. Above the original distribution of views, in the middle the present state, and below what I assume will be the future.

It was a time in the past when when there was a clear distinction between evolutionary science and religion, being rational or irrational respectively. Recently, attempts at harmonization can be observed initiated at both ends religion (Elshakry 2009) and evolutionary biology (Neill and Marks 2006; Avise 2010). Also observable are tendencies among some evolutionary biologists to irrationally fight for their believes with arguments as despiteful as ‘ad hominem’ while on the other hand proponents of intelligent design try to acquire rational positions. We are at the middle of my proposed graphics.

Well the process is like a chemical reaction in some time in future these evolutionary biologists that stick to irrational arguments will be drawn deeper into religion while parts of evolutionary design scientists will contribute to a new and better evolutionary theory, which is, you guessed it, fauceir theory. Fauceir theory encompasses natural design. Based on more abtract axioms this theory will sometimes allow to prove or disprove design.


Avise, J. C. (2010). “Footprints of nonsentient design inside the human genome.” PNAS 107(Supplement 2): 8969-8976.

Elshakry, M. (2009). “Global Darwin: Eastern enchantment.” Nature 461(7268): 1200-1201.

Neill, U. S. and A. R. Marks (2006). “Why we think it is important to discuss intelligent design.” J Clin Invest 116(5): 1133.


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