A recent article investigates coevolution of interacting genes by some new methods called composite linkage disequilibrium and genotype association, a measure of association between genotypes. From the fauceir point of view such a coevolution is not surprising. (1) All these interacting genes form fauceirs by themselves and therefore are subject to evolution each single one and in a compound. (2) In this sense almost every evolution is coevolution.

For instance, the human brain, this so highly sophisticated information processing device, could not have evolved if it were not for so many evolutionary steps before that outsourced most of the energy production and energy consuming metabolic processes. (1) A brain like humans could hardly evolve in a herbivore organism as many of the plants are difficult to digest and require most of the bodies energy supply only to cut down the nutrients and re-synthesize the compounds actually needed, so humans could only evolve after carnivore’s metabolic machinery. (2) Carnivores could hardly evolve without herbivores. (3) Herbivores are heterotrophic organisms that depend on energy supply from autotrophic organisms, mostly the green, chlorophyll containing, plants, so herbivores could hardly evolve before green plants.

Conclusively, the evolution of humans is coevolution right from the beginning. This intertwined and hirachical process can be grasped by fauceir approach only.


A recent post provides some interesting figures illustrating this notion. Here is my comment on that page:

I like the idea our brain being the pinnacle of biological evolution. As I outlined some days before, a brain that consumes so much energy resources needs a sophisticated machinery that continuously supplies them. Evolution decided to outsource these functions (autotrophic organisms->herbivores->carnivores) as incorporating it into one single body didn’t work properly, see dinosaurs for instance.

Thus evolution generated a chain, a body that contains autotrophic organisms that converts solar energy into complex organic compounds, herbivores that convert these plant compounds into an abundant supply of more beneficial chemical compounds, finally carnivores that more effectively employ these resources to get a brain ticking.

This chain is a fauceir, for instance, as is the body of a dinosaur. But this chain is the more evolved fauceir as it is much more flexible, more adaptable and less susceptible to faults, as all parts can be easily changed without killing the whole body.

Besides, our economies outsource the same way and for the same reason as they are fauceirs in fact and therefore have to follow the same principles.


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