Homosexuality – The Fauceir Perspective

This is a reply to an excellently written and inspiring post.

First, let’s recall some simple evolutionary mechanics. Classical evolutionary theory claims the survival of the fittest in a given population by natural selection which results in a change of allele frequencies. (This rules hold true mostly for bacteria in a Petri dish where effects by sexual reproduction, and biotope dynamics can be neglected.) In such a Petri dish mostly those bacteria survive which have the best strategy to reproduce and to cope with environmental factors.

Next, we move to an other level of abstraction and this is where fauceir theory comes into play. Let’s regard these bacteria as fauciers, abstract units of evolution that behave exactly as stated above, and let’s treat a social group of humans as fauceirs too. (For the same reasons as stated above in conjunction with bacteria in a Petri dish, we consider these groups of humans being tribes living in stone age.) Among other things, a tribe’s survival and competitiveness depends on its reproduction rate which is considerably reduced if this tribe feeds members that are unable or unwilling to reproduce naturally. Therefore, those tribes that evolved strategies to resourcefully cope with the problem of homosexuality were better off and survived while those who have been neglectful became extinct. It is not the topic of this post to discuss all the strategies, fauceirs all of them too, in detail. Just mention some types of strategies that might have evolved:

  1. Genetic. It is in our genes that we (usually) feel attracted to a person of the opposite sex’ appearance, and the same way it might be coded that (at least some of us) feel annoyed when observing same sex caresses.
  2. Behavioral. The subconscious patterns of behavior some of them preformed by genes some others imprinted.
  3. Ethical. Our morals are mainly defined by religion and other social conventions. The education by parents and by society mostly accounts for this part.
  4. Rational. Or, what someone considers being rational. The rational position is what an individual evolves by rationally processing all experiences.


  • As suppression of homosexuality played an important role in humans survival, it is not an issue any more. Our planet is rather overcrowded and soon we expect the development of techniques that make sex unnecessary to propagate human race.
  • There is more to the aversion of homosexuality than simply irrationality.
  • By these theoretical considerations it is fairly plausible that a child with homosexual feelings suffers in a family whose parents have a strong aversion to homosexuality. And I’m sure that empirical data do support this. Then, if we admit that, we also have to admit that a child with normal feeling might feel annoyed by parents with homosexual behavior.
  • If we admit that some of the traits associated with homosexuality (be it aversion or inclination) go in families, a child is best raised by its own parents.

And the taxi driver in the above mentioned post, who wanted to explain rationally his engrained aversion, we’d better not to give a child of him to a homosexual couple for upbringing.


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