Militant Atheists

Militant Atheist

Hypothetical (?) militant Atheist

In some atheist blogs, the notion of a militant atheist is mocked.  This claim might attest these peoples peacefulness. You can believe it or not. It is a matter of fact that terrible crimes have been perpetrated by communists, self-proclaimed atheists. And if you add fascists that are not theists either, you come up with the past century’s most terrible crimes perpetrated by atheists.

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8 thoughts on “Militant Atheists

  1. By atheists perhaps, but not by atheists because of atheism. It’s by atheists because of their fascism or totalitarian beliefs. None of which have anything to do with atheism.

    • … and the same is what claim Christians. They would say that those who killed in in name of God did so because oft heir despicable private interests. Besides, Christians have a good argument in favor as their most worshiped Saint, Jesus Christs, has been killed for his pacifism. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. What matters is that this story is the core of their religion for two millennia. It is known and internalized by all followers.

      You probably would counter that this is but veneer and by far not the whole picture – just to mention inquisition. Yes, but unfortunately, this holds true with all ideologies even the atheist ones. I dare say each ideology is a human invention to bypass rational thinking, to replace rational arguments by pseudo-rational ones. Please recall; the Stalinist propaganda claimed : We propagate peace therefore we are entitled to kill everybody who is against us.

      Thus my point is a word of warning that atheism as an ideology can be misused, too. Thank you for considering it.

  2. Except that what you’re not saying is that their atheism is irrelevant; they didn’t commit crimes to advance the agenda of atheism, but of Soviet pseudo-communism. And Fascists as non-theists? Don’t think so – there are clear, verifiable links between fascism and the established churches.

    • Thank you for this comment.
      I agree, Soviet communists committed crime to propagate atheism as I learned from my own experiences. The other examples I would not argue about as I cannot share any private experiences.

      I also agree, the picture with German fascists is more complex. They murdered Jews, Communists, Christians. They killed almost everybody who opposed their ideology, which was some kind of religion based on philosophy developed by Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Schelling an many others. The book (Von Nietzsche zu Hitler oder Der Irrationalismus in der deutschen Politik – Sorry but in German) provides a comprehensive overview. If we consider but the net effect of the fascist’s rule, Jews have been eradicated from Europe’s most influential positions. In that way Hitler acted as if he were Christian crusader, and also, as you stated, there have been links, the Vatican denies any involvement, of course.

  3. Atheism is most assuredly a Fascist society. Fascism is not religion. Fascism is a belief in the power of the state to form public policy. Atheist want this more than anything. They want to control what is taught in schools. This is just the beginning. The Atheist claims that Atheism is a lack of belief. Then if there is no belief to drive them what is there? There is commitment. Atheism is a commitment to discrimination. This is the same slippery slope that the Axis powers slid down in the 30’s. Sit down for this one people. If Atheist move to form political parties we are seeing the New Fascist. And if they use science as the backbone to implement their agenda then we are also seeing the New Nazi. The Nazi’s used science as the backbone of their systematic discrimination and disassembling of a large number of religious people. The word your looking for here is Eugenics.

    • You made an important point: Human ethics that evolved over millennia should not be sacrificed for any scientific theory or political interest. And, I also agree that over centuries religious people maintained these moral and ethical values, which we rather call humanism today. Unfortunately, religions formed political institution that trampled these value, too. Remember inquisition.

      BTW, atheism like theism is learned social behavior, a fauceir, and we find humanists in both camps.

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