Decorating eggs before Easter

The principle of Sorbic Easter eggs decoration

The principle of Sorbic Easter eggs decoration

Eggs are decorated before Easter worldwide. As part of local folklore, techniques vary however. In some Sorbic villages around Schleife, wax is printed by the help of goose feathers on the egg shell. The feather is cut to form simple geometrical shapes; the triangle is the most common as it results naturally from the feather’s anatomy.  It is the artisan’s skills, fantasy, and imagination that develops ever varying decorations. Children learn this skill from early childhood as it is a tradition in each household to decorate eggs on Good Friday.

One may fancy that this way of decorating eggs helped to develop fauceir theory as like this type of decoration that yields complex ornaments with simple geometric shapes is the same approach used by fauceir theory. Fauceir theory develops solutions to complex evolutionary problems by the help of units with only a limited set of attributes. Besides, the Ancient Greeks, developed their phonetic spelling in a period when decoration with ornaments was flourishing, while in other parts of the world where ornaments have not been as common hieroglyphics survived. Also we consider the first ornaments in ochre the beginning of human abstract thinking.


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