Bureaucracy – is there no way to stop it?

Bureaucracy is an abstract term and it is a subjective term too. We call bureaucracy such control mechanisms of social processes that prove to be impediments rather than improvements.

These control structures are fauceirs, of course, and as such, right from the beginning, they are focused primarily on their own persistence. We employ this drive when we create such a structure, as persistence is tightly connected to its proper function. But if the function is no longer needed, this control structure demonstrates its resistance and is difficult to remove. You cannot expect such a structure to act altruistically, and you cannot expect it to dissipate voluntarily, so these control structures accumulate, so all societies harbor a graveyard of dysfunctional or even obstructive structures that pesters the people with cumbersome regulations.

There are some solutions to this problem that have already evolved:
1.The medieval Central European solution. Such structures have been widely removed during war times, and even in the last century Germany made great social progress only after wars. (Removing the monarchy after WW1 and fascism after WW2)
2.The present European solution. This in not exactly a solution but rather a postponement. By this method, new control structure at the European level are created to control the national ones, but often this ends up with two coexisting control structure to the same problem.
3.United States solution. In the States, there is a higher turn-over with each new administration compared to other countries, still it does not meet reasonable requirements.

A possibly applicable solution to this problem widely used among biological fauceirs is programmed death. In analogy, it has to be defined a substructure, a rule for instance, which after a certain period of time dissolves the whole control structure, and a new one has to be created that replaces it. Well, something like that already exists with governments in democratic countries, but though this changes the administration, very little is altered in bureaucratic control structures. On the contrary, there is a tendency of these structures to survive undisturbed.


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