Definition of Love

The all in one fauceir definition of love is as follows: Love is the sum of emotions that insure propagation of a species by natural sexual reproduction. The function of these emotions – which are fauceirs themselves, of course – is not only  to spot the most appropriate mating partner but also to overcome self protection that is to allow an other individual’s intrusion.

Much is published about how people find their best match. This is of major concern on all dating websites. And only recently geneticists added additional insight by discovering a relationship between genetic background and sexual preferences. The down regulation of self defense mechanisms is, however, underrepresented in literature about human sexual behavior and widely ignored by laypeople though mostly subconsciously it plays an important role.

All species evolved self defense mechanisms that include to not allow other individuals intrude into a defined protection area. This is overruled by sex drive. Sexual intercourse per se is a dangerous endeavor. It exposes an individual’s life to many environmental threads for the sake of propagation. Who does not believe this notion has to test how much easier flies can be caught during their sexual activities. Also, the film Circle of Love presents an example how a man’s self defense mechanisms are dangerously dysfunctional during a sexual intercourse.


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