Homosexual Politicians

Time Magazine reports an increase in homosexual politicians in Europe. It lists some example, most of them are males. To analyze this phenomenon from evolutionary perspective, the following preliminary questions have to be answered:

  1. Is there s real increase in number of homosexuals or is it only an increase in number of those who confess it?
  2. Is the number of homosexual politicians greater than the number one would expect from the prevalence of homosexuality?

Though there is no study on that topic, I guess the answer to the second question is YES. The normal prevalence of homosexuality is estimated 3-20% depending on how stringent the criteria of homosexual behavior are set, so 3% is for homosexuals who live in a stable partnership whereas 20% is for those who confess that sometimes in their live they had homosexual feelings. Given these figures the prevalence of true homosexuals in German Government clearly exceeds these estimates. Well statisticians may counter, it is a too small and not representative enough sample, and I agree more serious studies on this topic have to be conducted.
But assuming the prevalence among politicians is significantly higher than in the general population, which I’m convinced it is, then we have to study what favors homosexual males in selection. (I wittingly avoid the term election, as it is a more complex process.)

  1. Homosexual males are kind of immune against feminist attacks.
  2. Homosexual males are not regarded as competitors by other males.

The competition among politicians is fierce and often unfair, so no wonder that criteria as negligible as homosexuality become more important in selection than a politician’s actual capabilities to make seminal political decisions.


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