Clash of cultures

The strategy to cope with problems differs among nations. For instance, Gipsies keep travelling, so always when problems grew too complicated they left the place. By contrast to Gipsies, Jews integrate into societies in which they live a successful life, but if conditions change to the worse they rather escape. They are good at evading problems, ever since their first documented exodus to Egypt and from Egypt back home. That’s why Jews are found throughout the world in almost every country, but that’s also why Jews are so inexperienced in solving problems at hand as now in Israel. Intending to stay there for a while, the nation has to go through a trial-and-error learning process. Not all of the decisions made by the Israel government are plausible to others, but they are plausible when considering the history.

On the other end of the spectrum to my best knowledge are the Russians who stay at home and loyal even if conditions are terrible, which has its disadvantages too, as it often encourages rulers to become cruel dictators.

Studying these differences may help us to improve ourselves and to reduce cultural friction.