Skepticism & Atheism

Defining atheism the following idea crossed my mind. I’m a Christian and I’m an atheist is not such a contradiction as it seems. In fact, Christianity is to variable degree atheism already. Judaism clearly is not. That is why so many Jewish atheists gather in skepticism circles, by the way. Christian atheists, by contrast, still can find a place within their faith.
This may sound rather provocative, I admit, but the core of Christianity is to worship a man who had been killed because of his peaceful struggle for a better world. Praising the merits of a human being instead of an imaginary God is atheism, isn’t it. Well one may counter, many Christians also praise God, inconsequentially.
Defining skepticism an other idea crossed my mind. Skepticism is denying the obvious, it is questioning all what is held for granted, it is leaving the box of dogmatic thoughts and profane explanations, it is challenging the dominating tenures, it is widening the horizon, and it finally results in new ideas. Skepticisms is the Mephisto principle as employed in Goethe’s Faust: the spirit to invoke evil but to cause progress. Of course, inside the cardboard walls of a religion skepticism spells atheism as the believe in God is the principal doctrine there, but in so many academic ivory towers doctrines became outdated too,  the ‘Darwinian evolutionary theory’ to name just one.


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